Coalition achievements so far include:
• Revision of Recommendation 8 and its Interpretive Note:  the recent (June 2016) revision retracts the claim that the NPO sector is ‘particularly vulnerable’ to terrorist abuse.
• In-depth revision of the Best Practices Paper (June 2015), a policy guidance document that countries use to help them implement the standards.
• Formalisation of a risk-based approach, which means more proportionate and context-specific implementation of FATF standards.
• Establishment of a regular engagement between the FATF Secretariat and NPOs, which allows for more effective NPO participation.
• Awareness-raising and coalition-building at the global, regional and national level.


The Global NPO Coalition on FATF communicates via:
• this dedicated online platform (
• twitter (@fatfplatform)
• email (from
• conference calls, national, regional and global meetings


If you would like to support our efforts to influence policies affecting civic space, join the Coalition or the core group. Please contact us via twitter or email.