Mutual Evaluation Report 2009

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President Sisi issued sweeping counter-terrorism legislation in February 2015 that could be used to penalise civil society organisations for legitimate, peaceful activities. Under the new law, ‘terrorist entities’ could  include ‘any association, organization, group or gang’  attempting to  ‘destabilize the public order; endanger the wellbeing or safety of society;… endanger social unity;… obstruct the work of public authorities, the judiciary, government entities, or local municipalities;… block public or private transportation, or roads; harm national unity or threaten national peace; or obstruct the implementation of the constitution or laws or bylaws…’.  NGO law (law number 84) in Egypt is also  highly restrictive, and entails constraints on funding, enables government interference in NGO activities, and makes them vulnerable to harsh penalties. Read here for an article (March 2016) on the ongoing crackdown on civil society organisations promoting democracy and human rights.