FATF View on NPO Abuse – the Typologies Report

The Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) Typologies Report seeks to show, using 102 case studies and input collected from law enforcement, other government actors and NPOs themselves , how and where non-profit organisations (NPOs) are at risk of terrorist abuse.

The report is analytic, so no policy action is recommended. However, it is an attempt, the FATF claim, to examine ‘the threat to the NPO sector from terrorist entities, the drivers for this threat, the vulnerabilities in the sector, and complexities facing stakeholder responses.’ The typologies report is meant to ‘provide an analytic foundation for future deliberations.’

The Non Profit Organisation (NPO) Response to the FATF’s Typologies Report – categories of the ways in which terrorist abuse of an organisation can occur – was formulated by a broad transnational NPO coalition and is here.