National Level

Find out who represents your government at the FATF plenary (likely to be in Finance Ministry or Treasury Department) and request a meeting. A list of FATF members is here.

  • If your country is not a member of FATF find out who in government is the contact for the FATF regional body. See here for a list of the regional bodies (scroll down for “associate members”).
  • Be aware of when your country is up for an FATF evaluation. Form a coalition to advocate the cause of a free and fully-functioning civil society space.
  • Learn from civil society in countries that have gone through the mutual evaluation process.
  • Keep tabs on and highlight laws that are, either directly or indirectly, affecting your ability to function effectively.

Example: Domestic counterterrorism legislation review and review of terrorism financing risk assessment
The FATF is due to evaluate US compliance in late 2015 and early 2016. Prior to that, Charity & Security Network (CSN) and the Council on Foundations have submitted a detailed memo to the FATF Secretariat that provides the evaluation team with background information on US counterterrorism laws, the impacts on nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and how this compares to FATF standards. It found that US law fails to meet the FATF criteria of a risk-based approach, proportionality, protection of legitimate NPOs and consistency with human rights and humanitarian law. In a cover letter, the groups asked that the FATF evaluation team meet with representatives of the NPO sector as part of the evaluation process. The outcome of the report, and the recommendations, could provide an important opportunity for the US to make its laws more civil-society friendly.
Additionally, CSN has conducted a detailed analysis of US Treasury’s terrorism financing risk assessment for its implications on NPOs and their work ahead of the FATF evaluation. See more here.



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