Risk Assessment

The ABCs for Risk Assessment of the Nonprofit Sector in Your Country: A Handout

Presentation on experiences working with NPOs and Governments on the Risk Assessment Process, including persistent misunderstandings and issues.  See here.

Risk Assessment Scoping Paper
risk-assessment-imageRead an appraisal here of how the risk-based assessment approach and the mutual evaluation form the cornerstone to validating the effectiveness of Recommendation 8.

Regional Risk Assessment

AUSTRAC (the Australian Financial Intelligence Agency), Bank Negara Malaysia and Pusat Pelaporan dan Analisis Transaksi Keuangan (PPATK), Indonesia’s Financial Intelligence Unit, conducted a regional CFT risk assessment for the not-for-profit sector. Here is the report (Nov 2017).

Country-level Risk Asessment

A National Risk Assessment of the NPO sector was published on 28 August 2017.

On 8 March 2016, three representatives of the Swiss NPO sector met with the team of FATF evaluators  in Bern ahead of the country’s upcoming evaluation. Sector representatives included SwissFoundations, Zewo and proFonds. The three organisations had prepared for this onsite visit with a sectoral risk analysis paper and some additional information on the sector.

The National Risk Assessment for Ghana (based on the World Bank Methodology) was published in 2015.

UNODC carried out this study determining the National Risk Assessment of Lithuania to money laundering and terrorism financing in 2015.

United Kingdom:
The 2017 National Risk Assessment assessed the risk of abuse of nonprofits for terrorism financing as ‘low’ . It also flagged the issue and impact of bank derisking on charities. The earlier 2015 National Risk Assessment  had assessed NPO risk to terrorism financing as ‘medium’.

Prior to the Mutual Evaluation process that the Philippines underwent in 2009, a multi-sectoral team called the Local Advisory Committee, organised by the Caucus of Development NGO Networks and aided by the UK’s Charity Commission, conducted a review assessing the NPO environment and related regulations, risks and renewal. The findings were published in a report. The full report can be accessed here, and a summary here.

Similarly, a Local Assessment Team conducted a domestic review of Indonesia’s Non-Profit Sector in 2010. The report is here.