World Bank and ACAMS Report on De-risking

The World Bank and the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) held a second roundtable in January 2017 to to help promote the access of humanitarian organisations to financial services and to discuss practical measures in terms of improving relations between NPOs and financial institutions; improving the regulatory and policy climate for financial access for NPOs; and building coalitions for sharing information and best practice. The report is here.

The efforts of the Global NPO Coalition on FATF were recognised in the report, and held up as an example of coalition-building best practice :

There are good experiences in starting with a small coalition of active members that work together for a specific objective. At the same time, it was acknowledged that this topic [derisking] is relevant among a large group of stakeholders that may have difficulties delegating a member due to its size, or may be harder to reach (e.g. when it is based in an area where humanitarian aid is being delivered). Therefore, it is essential to maintain active communication with the broader network of stakeholders. An example of an effective NPO led coalition that started with a shared goal, is the Global NPO Coalition on the FATF. Within this coalition, a core group is responsible for designing the strategy, outreach and communication to all participants, and engages with relevant stakeholders. The coalition could become a model for NPO engagement on derisking.