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The Global NPO Coalition on FATF is a loose network of diverse nonprofit organisations (NPOs) that advocate for changes in FATF’s Recommendations affecting NPOs, particularly Recommendation 8 (R8), with the aim of eliminating the unintended consequences of FATF policies on civil society. Since 2014, four organisations have developed strategies, facilitated and coordinated the Coalition. They are supported by a core group of NPOs representing a wide range of interests across countries and regions.

The Coalition focuses on a risk-based approach to preventing terrorism financing and improvement in the quality and effectiveness of FATF mutual evaluations without disrupting legitimate NPO activities. The advocacy agenda is driven by FATF’s policy changes that require swift action and engagement by NPOs. The Coalition has established a constructive relationship with the FATF Secretariat, Policy Development Group and the Evaluation Group for exchange of ideas, enabling transparent engagement.


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