Raising awareness


Raising awareness among NPOs and other stakeholders on the drivers of regulations, the unintended consequences for NPOs, and on engagement and advocacy strategies.


  • Form a coalition to advocate for a free and fully-functioning civil society. 
  • Keep tabs on and highlight rules/regulations/laws that are, either directly or indirectly, affecting your ability to function effectively.
  • Be aware of when your country is up for an FATF evaluation. Engage in the process to the extent possible. Learn from civil society in countries that have gone through the Mutual Evaluation process.
  • Join the Global NPO Coalition on FATF for guidance, best practice examples and engagement and advocacy strategies. 
  • Collate and disseminate:
    • already-existing rules/regulations/laws on CFT/CT
    • already-existing sectoral self-regulation measures and their effectiveness
    • adverse impact of any new/already-existing AML/CFT rules/regulations/laws
    • examples of shrinking civic space in the country.


Read here on entry points for NPOs for engagement in the FATF evaluation process and beyond.