Outreach and Engagement

NPOs need to:

  • Create a coalition in-country which can engage on the issue in terms of research/evidence gathering, advocacy and capacity building
  • Raise awareness on AML/CFT rules and regulations, and their obligations thereof
  • Keep abreast of already existing laws regulating the sector, including self-regulatory measures
  • Convene multi-stakeholder dialogue processes to better understand security/regulatory mandates and, in turn, inform about their unintended consequences on the sector
  • Engage in the country Risk Assessment and the FATF Mutual Evaluation process

Government must ensure that:

  • There is sustained outreach and engagement with the NPO sector on the AML/CFT agenda
  • The sectoral (NPO) Risk Assessment is conducted in an inclusive manner, working closely together with sector representatives
  • NPOs are involved in the Mutual Evaluation process, including during the onsite visit of the assessors
  • Mitigating measures/laws impacting the sector should be developed, if needed, with the engagement of the sector