Here we publish best practices and lessons learned from our coalition members and practicioners. 

Tunisia: lessons in a successful multi-stakeholder engagement process

Watch this video (made by Al Kawakibi Democracy Transition Center) to learn more about the successful multi-stakeholder dialogue process between a civil society coalition and various government bodies around a joint sectoral Risk Assessment and the FATF process in general. Hear about the trust-building that enabled a sustained engagement, and resulted in a fully Compliant rating for the sector on Recommendation 8.     


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Video of results of NPO risk mapping exercise in 17 Latin American countries

Watch this video (in Spanish with English subtitles) of the results of the NPO risk mapping exercise conducted in 17 countries in Latin America. The report presents an in-depth analysis of an extensive survey of findings (729 nonprofit sector representatives surveyed in the 17 participating countries), and recommends reforms that can be implemented. 

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FATF and Civic Space: Lessons from Nigeria

In this article, Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri, Executive Director of Spaces for Change, walks us through the developments around shrinking space for civil society in Nigeria and how her NPO successfully organized civil society in engaging in the FATF process. 

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Experiencias, desafíos y oportunidades en América Latina en tiempos de COVID-19

In this article (in Spanish), Gabriela Pellón presents initiatives conducted at the regional and local levels in Latin America that can be replicated and inspire stakeholders to build synergy in the challenging task of complying with FATF's Recommendation 8. 

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Hold Your Peace

Hold Your Peace is a documentary film by the Women Peacemakers Program showing how nonprofit organizations (NPOs), especially small grassroots and women’s organizations, have had their operating space severely curtailed by counter-terror regulations.

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TED Talk: 'Counterterrorism’ used to crackdown on civil society by Ben Hayes

In this 2014 TEDx Talk, counterterrorism and international security expert Ben Hayes shows overwhelming evidence that oppressive regimes around the world are abusing international counterterrorism guidelines to repress civil society action, and are being encouraged to do so. 

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