Civil Society Consultation in London

This was the first time that the FATF formally met with non profit organisations (NPOs), albeit on the margins of the private sector consulation process,  to discuss its standards for governments anti-terrorist financing rules for NPOs and the need to protect non profits from both abuse by terrorists and the adverse impacts of poor governmental implementation of FATF’s NPO standards.

NPO input was sought on a limited update to the Best Practices Paper that the FATF would consider at its plenary meeting in June.

After that work will begin on an update of typologies of the threat terrorists pose to charities 'to gain a better understanding of the vulnerabilities and risks currently facing NPOs’.  This will be crucial phase in FATF’s work, as its current typology is outdated and based on four anecdotal examples listed at the end of the Best Practices Paper.  A more evidence-based approach could lead to a better framework for more proportionate and appropriate governmental approaches to regulation of non profits in this area.