Global Coalition letter to FATF on Israeli designation of 6 NPOs citing FATF requirements

The Global NPO Coalition has sent a letter to the FATF President on the misuse of FATF Recommendation 8 as part of the Israeli government’s effort to justify its 22 October terrorism designations of six Palestinian human rights and humanitarian organizations. On 1 November Ambassador Gilhad Erdan, Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations, wrote a letter to the President of the UN Security Council that describes the designations of the Palestinian groups, citing and extensively quoting FATF Recommendation 8 and its Interpretive Note: implying that the designation of these groups was necessary to meet international requirements, including FATF standards. 

The Coalition is concerned about the politicization of the FATF process, which will in turn weaken support for FATF’s recommendations and implementation of the risk-based approach in line with international human rights, humanitarian and refugee law.

The Global NPO Coalition has, therefore, urged the FATF to disavow Israel’s attempts to justify its actions by claiming they somehow are necessary to implement Recommendation 8.

Update: This is the dissapointing response that the Coalition recieived from the FATF, stating that: 'FATF is not in a position to assess or express an opinion on domestic measures of one of its Members outside the regular evaluation process and can therefore not express a view on the matter you have raised.'

Further update: More than 200 organizations issued a statement (Aug 2022) expressing solidarity with the seven designated, and demanding action from the international community 'to support and protect Palestinian human rights defenders and ensure the continuation of their invaluable work'.

Additionally, a majority of Dutch NGOs active in the Middle East and/or on human rights also signed this statement (August 2022), which is targeted at the Dutch government and politicians.