Global NPO Coalition Input to FATF Unintended Consequences Workstream

The FATF launched a new project in February 2021 to systematically examine four broad unintended consequences resulting from an incorrect implementation of the FATF Standards, including de-risking and financial exclusion, suppression of the NPO sector through non-implementation of the risk-based approach under Recommendation 8, and misuse of the FATF Standards and mutual evaluations to justify laws, which violate wider fundamental human rights provisions. 

The Global NPO Coalition submitted its input: this one covering de-risking and financial exclusion, and this, the suppression of NPOs and human rights concerns. Coalition members also had a chance to present this input to the penholders of the four workstreams as well the Unintended Consequences Project Team (which includes Member States).

The project and the drafts will be discussed at the FATF June plenary, and depending on the outcome, solutions discussed in the next phase of the project.