Information Note on EU Supranational Risk Assessment of ML/TF Risk

The European Commission (EC) is conducting a supranational risk assessment (SNRA) in order to analyse risks of terrorist financing and money laundering affecting the internal market and propose mitigating actions, including Recommendations to Member States to address such risks.  The Commission has designed a methodology for this assessment which follows the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) methodology for the national risk assessments and has started the analysis process.  This SNRA will result in the publication of a report by June 2017 making recommendations to Member States on the measures suitable for addressing potentially identified risks. This could imply measures at national and EU level. The purpose of this note is to inform the wider European NPO sector about the current state of play of the EU supranational risk assessment of money laundering and terrorism financing risks and how it relates to NPOs. (See here for the EC’s methodology of the supranational risk assessment and here for the list of preliminary findings regarding money laundering and terrorist financing risks.)