New Report by UN Special Rapporteur on the Impact of CT Measures on Civic Space

The UN Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights while Countering Terrorism has just released her report on the impact of CT measures on civic space. In addition, this is her note with key takeaways: 

1) the data analysis that demonstrates that between 2005-2018, over 60%  of counter-terrorism measures and laws globally were used against Human Rights Defenders and Civil Society actors.  That data is cross-tabulated from a number of sources and I believe is very robust.  This finding is of considerable importance and I hope advances a serious discussion about the global misuse of CT/PVE measures.  I would hope that we can get the numbers into general discussion among States to shift the debate and affirming that CT measures are consistently and unrelenting used against civil society, and serious oversight is needed to remedy the global, regional and national architectures that enable this.

2) The Report engages with the trends and patterns of CT use against HRDs and civil society.  I hope that analysis is of use to better understand (and thus address) the serious challenges in use and misuse of CT, providing a pathway to better oversight and accountability.