NPO Input into Typologies Report

In February 2014, Human Security Collective (HSC) and the Charity & Security Network (CSN) sent recommendations to the FATF calling for adherence to principles of effectiveness and proportionality as they review their Typologies of terrorist abuse of non profits. The recommendations urge FATF to take an evidence based approach to formulating terrorist abuse typologies. These typologies—categories of the ways in which terrorist abuse of an organisation can occur—are used to guide FATF’s ‘Best Practices’ for governments formulating counterterrorism laws and regulations. It is vital for FATF to use appropriate and nuanced typologies to ensure that civil society groups are not unduly impacted by anti-terrorist financing laws around the world. The recommendations were created based on input from the Transnational Non Profit Organisation (NPO) Working Group on FATF (which CSN and the HSC co-chairs) in addition to meetings with FATF representatives, a literature review and a survey of the non profit sector.