Webinar – The ABCs of FATF: What Nonprofits Need to Know 2017 and Beyond

The Global Coalition of NPOs on FATF organized a webinar on December 15, 2016 at 3pm CET/9am EST to discuss:

1. The ABCs of FATF: its purpose, why NPOs need to know about it – Lia van Broekhoven, Human Security Collective
2. FATF’s Recommendation 8 (R8): the new standard – Lara Kalwinski, Council on Foundations, Haroun Atallah, Transparency International
3. Country-level implementation of the new R8 – Ben Evans, Greenacres Associations, Vanja Skoric, European Centre for Not for Profit Law, Suzanne Keatinge, Dochas
4. How NPOs can get more information, get involved – Kay Guinane, Charity & Security Network

The recording of the webinar can be found here. See here for the slides used during the webinar.