Webinar: ‘Nonprofits No Longer “Particularly Vulnerable”: What’s Next?’

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has revised its Recommendation 8 on nonprofits to no longer characterise them as being ‘particularly vulnerable’ to terrorist abuse, and made important changes to the Interpretive Note to this Recommendation. NPOs are now wondering how their countries will react to these revisions and how they can ensure that national implementation is beneficial to nonprofits and in line with FATF’s new risk-based approach.

With this in mind, the Global NPO Coalition on FATF hosted a webinar on September 12 to discuss how we got here and what you can do to help shape the road ahead.  The following panel of experts gave their views and fielded a variety of questions from the participants:
♣Hanna Surmatz, European Foundation Centre
♥Kate McGrane, Norwegian Refugee Council
♦Vanja Skoric, European Center for Not-for- Profit Law

♠Kay Guinane from the Charity & Security Network and Lia van Broekhoven from Human Security Collective moderated the event.

The link to the webinar is here.