Webinar on the 'Unintended Consequences of Counter-Terrorism Financing'

In advance of the FATF/NPO consultation on April 18, 2016 in Vienna, the core group of the Global NPO Coalition on FATF held a webinar on the following: 'Unintended Consequences of Counter-Terrorism Financing: An Opportunity for NPOs to Shape the Future of Law and Policy' Following on the heels of our success with revising the Best Practices Paper to Recommendation 8, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) now seeks NPO input on revisions to the Interpretive Note (IN). Many problematic aspects of this key guidance document have been reflected in individual countries' counter-terrorism financing regimes. Updating the IN to reflect the FATF's new focus on a risk-based approach rather than one-size-fits-all regulation provides a fantastic opportunity for NPOs to help shape these policies in ways that respect the important work of civil society organisations. In addition, at our urging, FATF has agreed to open up Recommendation 8 itself for revision. Speakers Hanna Surmatz of the European Foundation Centre and Kay Guinane of Charity & Security Network discussed these and other matters related to the unintended consequences of counter-terrorism financing with members of the Global NPO Coalition on FATF among others.