Mozambique: Coalition letter to the FATF on draft law with problematic provisions

The Global NPO Coalition forwarded a letter to the FATF (and to ESAAMLG) from a consortium of civil society organizations in Mozambique on the draft law on NPOs that is currently before the Parliament. Mozambique is currently on the FATF 'grey list' - so a jurisdiction under increased monitoring, and one of the items on its action plan is 'carrying out the TF risk assessment for NPOs in line with the FATF Standards and using it as a basis to develop an outreach plan'.

However, the draft bill - ostensibly introduced as part of this action plan and to comply with FATF Recommendation 8 - has many problematic provisions, as outlined here. The measures proposed around reporting and supervision are neither risk-based nor proportionate. If passed, this law will negatively impact the rights and operational environmental of civil society.

See here for a translated version of the draft law.

Update: April 2023 - the NPO Bill is no longer on the Parliament agenda. Further,  the Minister of Economy and Finance has confirmed that there was now an agreement with the Minister of Justice that the collaboration of NPOs will be sought on any proposed law going forward.