NPO input into the Mutual Evaluation process: how and where

The FATF has now made it possible for civil society and other interested stakeholders to share and provide submissions ahead of a country's Mutual Evaluation process. Please see here for further details, including for where and when these submissions can be made and what format they should take.

Do keep in mind that all submissions will be shared with the country being assessed and that the source of the information will be identified. The deadline for submission is two months prior to the scheduled onsite visit – a calendar link of the schedule is also included.

The Global NPO Coalition would be happy to assist you if you need support on possible submissions.

Please share this information widely with your regional networks and communities.

Additionally, there is now a 'Financial Inclusion and NPO Issues' tab on the FATF website landing page. Clicking on this leads to the specific FATF guidance papers and documents on NPOs.